You can’t buy half a happy meal.

I’ve only ever dyed my hair once. And gee whizz, that once was enough, enough for three decades at least. I was a University student and was asked to be a model, aka guinea pig for a friend who was already a qualified hairdresser, but she was attending a special hair colouring seminar to learn some newfangled technique, and she needed a guinea pig to accompany her.

I’m not sure why I said yes.

It was not my best yes.

But I did say yes,  and since that fateful day my hair has been au natural.

All I’ll say about what I ended up with that day is this: bright highlights, and two other colours. Add to that the fact I wasn’t going to be colouring again out of my own pocket and you can imagine the horror regrowth.


‘Horrific’ is a good word.

Anyway. When you sign up to help someone out like that, you can’t really sign up with a whole bunch of restrictions if someone is supposed to be learning set things along the way. For my friend to learn and practice these new skills, I had to be a willing participant. An ‘all in’ participant.

You can’t buy half a happy meal.

I reckon that any time you have the opportunity to be ‘all in’ on something, you’re going to be met with things that have gone well, things that could have gone better, and full on train wrecks.

That’s part of life.

That’s part of risk.

But that’s not always something that’s talked about.

Nobody likes to admit failure and we all encounter hard things. But when we can pinpoint something that can be changed and improved, that’s where real progress begins.

You see you can’t buy half a happy meal.

Please don’t shoot me Food Police people, I’m really not a huge fan of the Golden Arches, I’m not. But I’m yet to meet any four year old on God’s green earth that is going to turn down a happy meal.  As much as I’m in favour of healthy eating for all, I’m also in favour of a wee treat now and then….and heck, a touch of bribery and corruption goes a very long way……enough justifications? Ok. A happy meal can in fact bring a little bit of joy into a little person’s life.

But you have to buy the meal as a whole.

No matter what country you’re in.

Sure you can buy some of the components separately, but the things that make a happy meal, so happy, are the boxes they come in and the toys, and the wee choices that your young’un can make about what they want to eat.


However ‘bad’ or lacking in good nutrition these components may be, together they combine to make something ‘happy’.

And sometimes I see life when you’re totally committed to something as being like that……..while not all the components, not all the areas in your life may be pleasant or fun or fulfilling, the end goal is pretty darn amazing. There’s joy unspeakable when you’re committed to and in your ‘all in’ mission, whatever that may be.

Slight tangent – I love the fact that these here ramblings of mine are often read by friends of mine who don’t always share the same faith as me.  And I also love that so many of you have stood by me when life has dipped and turned and swayed this way and that way, because of the ways in which we’ve chosen to do life. You may not always have understood – but your support has meant a whole bunch. So thank you. 

Now back to you, and whatever the stink components of your ‘all in’ may be…..I guess I’m writing this to encourage you……the stink is all part of the glory……there’s just no escaping it. It helps to find kindred spirits that you can spill your guts too. No matter how alone in your situation you may feel, there is always someone who thinks and acts in a similar way to you. Find that person and cling on to them. They are gold. Also know that whatever it is you’re facing, you’re not alone. God is with you. The one who called you will and does equip you. And you’re going to be ok. Your commitment to your ‘all in’ will take you places. Around, above and beyond your hardships. Because you can’t buy half a happy meal. It’s all or nothing. 

And ‘all’ is a much more exciting way to live. 



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