The silent bedroom trials.

From time to time people react in a surprised way when I rattle off the ages of our boys.  At the moment they are 13, 9 and 4.  Yes all three were very much wanted and very much planned.  And yes those are big age gaps.

Sometimes things don’t happen according our carefully planned timetables – and sometimes things don’t happen at all.

Along with my three boys here on earth, we have another two kids that I firmly believe we’ll see again in heaven. But that’s for another blog post.

The whole getting pregnant and staying pregnant was a very hard journey.  No-one likes having the word ‘infertile’ on their medical records. You’re dealing with the loss of dreams, and hope is lost. And when it is ‘unexplained infertility’, well that makes things worse.  We like answers and solutions in our lives.

If you’re walking down this journey too – my heart goes out to you.  There is a lot in the blogosphere for women – stories told, encouragement given, kindred spirits reaching out to help you.  But often it is the menfolk who are left to suck it up, and be a rock for their woman.  Well if you’re a man experiencing this very situation, the silent bedroom trials, please head over to this blog and read this here post.  It is written by a bloke for blokes.

Women – if you have a brother-in-law/ friend/co-worker/brother/ cousin who needs to read these good words – send them that link.  Shared human experience is priceless – especially for menfolk who don’t talk about these issues.



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